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Tyler Oakley, AKC CKC

Your personal trainer and fitness coach for holistic personal training in Seattle.

Fitness is an adventure, a joyous and exhilarating journey into the vast, limitless potential within your self. A creative vehicle for mastering your mind, strengthening your body, and cultivating your spirit, good fitness is good medicine.

As an independent physical fitness coach and holistic personal trainer in Seattle for more than half a decade, I have had the blessing of training hundreds of people from all walks of life. It continues to be a privilege witnessing their courageous process of inner transformation as I guide them toward overcoming their limitations, finding the best within themselves, and learning how to apply that power to live healthier, more abundant, and successful lives.

Having been physically active and competitive in sports and martial arts from a very young age, I have experienced the incredible honor of training and learning from the best coaches, athletes, and master teachers from around the world. As my own personal process unfolded throughout the years, I came to discover that the art of physical fitness had the potential to be much more than what is typically seen within the confines of most personal training programs and methods of the conventional fitness industry.

Delving forever deeper into my personal growth and study in esoteric philosophy, psychology, physiology and scientific study alongside my comprehensive, physical conditioning regimen, I came to discover through a serendipitous unfolding of events the unique set of hidden patterns or Universal Principles that united all of these subjects and governed the natural growth process of all things. This became one of the greatest turning points of my life and my career as it greatly expanded and transformed my understanding and awareness of life and how I viewed myself and my world.

By implementing these Universal Principles and transforming my workouts into a natural and holistic form of movement exercise, together with the aid and genius of my coach, Scott Sonnon P.H.D, I learned how to directly taper the mind and body to peak human performance and unify within my fitness the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of ourselves to directly achieve in life this infamous, spiritual state in sport psychology called Flow, or it’s Sanskrit equivalent in Indian Yogi lore, Samadhi.

In this mystical state, the mind and body harmonize into a transcendent awareness of union and complete oneness with itself and its environment to live presently in the moment. After this inner transformation everything in my life blossomed even more brilliantly becoming wonderfully elegant, graceful, and infinitely accessible. My mind and body transformed even more incredibly in my workouts and so did my lifestyle as these Universal Principles leaked into every element in my life making me not just an infinitely better athlete, but an infinitely better human being as well.

Passing on this knowledge is what I bring to all of my personal training clients and athletes. The element of Flow is the key ingredient of why the holistic, personal training program at Flow Life Fitness has become one of the most successful, sought after personal training programs in Seattle and why it continues to guide so many people toward achieving their goals and discovering the hidden power and genius within themselves. By making fitness as much about the internal as the external, we learn together how to transmute our alchemical mind and body into spiritual gold and really live!

Yours in Flow,

Tyler Oakley, CST AKC

What clients say

Tyler is a God send! His perspective on fitness, knowledge on how the body works and enthusiasm for health and fitness outshine any other trainer I have encountered. He continues to amaze me with the variety, skill, and individualized attention to detail he brings to every one of my training sessions. You will never find a passe "crunch" in his workouts. His workouts are biomechanically based to get you looking, feeling, and moving at your optimum level. I had chronic pain before I started working with him throughout my entire body. Now I am on my way to being virtually pain free, I have the body I always desired and ten times the energy and confidence in myself to self heal. Most doctors don't even know how to do this for you! He is worth every penny and more. � Amber Taylor, LMP