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If there is an ideal formula in fitness that can get you maximum results in minimum time, make your lifestyle burst with an abundance of health and vitality, and get you on the fast track to transforming your body into a powerful and defined physique in almost no time...

We've got it here in the personal training program at Flow Life Fitness™ in Seattle, WA.

Holistic Personal Training for Unparalleled Results, Faster, and that Last a Lifetime.

The Flow Life Fitness™ Seattle personal training program uses a holistic and comprehensive fitness system that takes an enlightened approach to training your body through practicing unique exercise arts founded upon the science of innate, conscious movement.

By uniting ancient strength training and health restoration disciplines into one customizable, personal training program, each unique fitness practice works in harmony with one another to realize your body's raw power and potential, and innate abundance of health.

Seattle Personal Training Holistic Fitness Trinity Diagram

Clubbells and Kettlebells will give you unrivaled levels of power, agility, and endurance while sculpting you a functional physique people will marvel at.

Prasara Yoga will cultivate within you the strength, flexibility, and grace to restore balance and master your mind and body.

Intu-Flow Joint Mobility will revitalize the innate movement, coordination, and pain-free wellness your body was born with.

Our Enlightened Approach to Personal Fitness Training

The amazing secret behind the success of our holistic, personal training program lies within the unique, scientific alchemy our personal fitness formula is founded upon: Universal Principles.

By taking advantage of the universal growth patterns innate to your mind and body and structuring them into your personal training program allows us to taper your workouts to cultivate superior, longer lasting results in a fraction of the time, while exponentially increasing your health and longevity.

Our 5 Universal Principles were discovered after many, many years of scientific study, experimentation, and conditioning while training with some of the best and most distinguished coaches and gurus in the world.

The 5 Universal Principles of Flow Life Fitness™


Holistic Personal Fitness Training Trinity Diagram

The Trinity of Holistic Fitness seamlessly interweaves all of the elements of fitness for optimal performance, health, and balance of the mind, body, and spirit. Being that ‘the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts’, with this fitness formula no facet of your body is left untrained. This gives us the ability to transform your body to cultivate superior results, faster, and that last longer, while exponentially increasing your health and longevity!


Goal Attainment Pyramid

The Goal Attainment Pyramid™ (G.A.P) is our exclusive, fitness program design model that takes advantage of the universal principle of incremental progression. Each tier gives us the ability to break down all of your health and fitness goals and then elegantly design a customized personal training program that will take you step-by-step and smoothly ‘bridge the gap’ between your goals, your body and your ultimate fitness success!


Three Dimensional Fitness Diagram

We take a balanced, comprehensive approach to training your body. Where most fitness programs today train static, linear exercises, we train dynamic, functional, three-dimensional movement exercises that masterfully fill in all of the missing gaps of muscular strength that are rarely tapped into.

To do this, we utilize the most effective equipment and innovative exercises in the world that irradiate muscle growth throughout the whole entire body and core. The experience, is a creative, dynamic, and challenging, yet extremely fun workout that will marvelously transform the definition of your body.


Golden Ratio Fibonacci Fitness Spiral

The Golden Ratio also known as the Fibonacci tendency is a universal principle that relates, in this case, to our bodies’ natural growth patterns. We take advantage of this physiological principle in our program design to optimize the relationship between your workouts and your rest.

The effect of this subtle technique triggers your body to cultivate more energy and recover faster, not only so you never burn out or plateau, but you always feel completely rested and rejuvenated the next day so you can peak and get the most results out of every workout.


Biotensegrity Myofascial Matrix

Biotensegrity is the intelligent science our whole personal training program is founded upon, based on the universal principle that 'everything is in a constant state of movement'. Where other programs isolate muscles (based on an out-dated concept), we exercise and strengthen dynamic movements. This enhances the fitness, performance and integrity of the body as a whole, naturally creating a stronger, healthier and more functional physique fit for an optimal performance lifestyle.

Watch our Seattle personal training program in action!

To learn more about how our personal training program can show you how to transform your body and your lifestyle through holistic personal fitness we invite you to write or call 206.794.0513 for a free consultation.

Flow defined

The state of union, completion, and harmony of the mind and body with profound attention and absorption in the present moment with life.

The Flow Life Fitness™ Difference = Universal Principles