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Prasara Yoga

Gain mastery over your mind and body.

Prasara, Sanskrit for ‘flow beyond thought’, is an incredibly powerful style of Hatha flow yoga that blends together fluid body movement harmoniously with creative sequences of asana to give you the strength, flexibility, and grace to focus your breath, clear your mind, and achieve mastery over every single muscle in your entire body.


  • Have a physique built with solid definition and lean, functional muscle.
  • Be able to express the power and youthful movement of an Olympic athlete.
  • Live with quadruple your energy and never feel fatigue again.
  • Evaporate chronic pain and tension forever.
  • Amplify your mental focus and concentration to live balanced and stress-free.

Prasara Yoga is practiced as a workout and/or cool down in your personal training sessions with every pose and sequence personally tailored to the needs of your body.

Watch Prasara Yoga in action

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What clients say

Tyler has a very interesting approach to strength and flexibility training. I have had a yoga practice for over 12 years and am very excited about what Tyler can teach me. His workouts are enormously fun and liberating. -Yasmine Rafii