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Kettlebell Lifting

Sculpt a physique people will marvel at.

The Kettlebell or girya is a cast iron weight renowned in Russia as one of the most phenomenal tools for developing your body. Delivering a mix of un- rivaled strength, explosive agility and endless stamina, kettlebells exercises challenge both your muscular and cardiovascular systems through dynamic, total body movement. The result, is a marvelous physique carved into what many have called ‘the chiseled features of an ancient Greek statue.'


  • Sculpt incredibly strong, wiry arms and powerful shoulders.
  • Carve your chest and tone your lats for a perfect frame.
  • Chisel your midsection with an impressive set of abs and a solid lower back.
  • Magnificently define your glutes, thighs, hams, and calf muscles.
  • Develop true lean, functional muscle faster while blowtorching fat away forever.
  • Express strength and power unrivaled to that of conventional weights.

Kettlebell Lifting is taught in it’s pure Russian form by your personal trainer to guarantee you achieve maximum results through proper execution of technique.

Watch kettlebells in action

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What clients say

Tyler has a unique method for increasing your strength and flexibility. I definitely recommend giving it a shot if you need new workouts or aren't enamored with your current choices. -Arthur Torelli