Intu-Flow Joint Mobility Exercise

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Intu-Flow Mobility Exercise

Experience the freedom of movement.

Intu-Flow, short for “intuitive flow”, is an amazing system of dynamic, joint mobility exercises that revitalize and progressively restore the full innate potential of range of motion of each joint in your body through the practice of specific postures, natural movement, and unique breathing exercises.

The effect is the vital healing tonic needed to maximize your health and liberate your body from tension, pain, and immobility to give you the freedom and flexibility to express all aspects of your strength and abundant well being!


  • Live with a rebalanced and energetically aligned posture.
  • Dramatically increase your flexibility and range of motion.
  • Be pain-free and move without strain.
  • Enjoy true lifetime fitness without injuries.
  • Reclaim your child-like vitality to turn back ‘the Clock’ and reverse aging.

Intu-Flow is used as a warm-up, cool-down, and as a home practice in your personal training program to expedite your complete health and fitness success!

Watch intu-flow in action

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What clients say

I've been working with Tyler for the past month, and I can assure you that anyone can benefit significantly from his approach to fitness. Using a methodology that encourages your body to respond as a whole, rather than isolating certain muscle groups, I've found the results to be very encouraging! Dana Henrickson