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Clubbell Training

Build a physique that will rival an Olympian.

The Clubbell® is a revolutionary weight evolved from the ancient Persian, strongman discipline of club swinging. Indisputably the finest tool ever created for holistically conditioning your body, Clubbell® exercises generate a unique blend of unparalleled strength, explosive agility, and endless stamina by challenging both your muscular and cardiovascular systems through dynamic, total body movement. The effect, is an incredibly powerful, streamlined physique tapered to peak human performance.


  • Build real world, functional strength and tap into muscles other weights cannot.
  • Cultivate all athletic attributes: power, speed, agility, coordination, endurance...
  • Gain lean muscle exponentially to burn fat and shape your body faster.
  • Chisel, cut, and define every muscle in your physique to look your best.
  • Strengthen your joints and flexibility to maximize health and performance.
  • Develop a solid core and rebalance your posture through full body integration.
  • Refines breathing for improved strength and function of your internal organs.

The Clubbell® is the key tool in your personal training program that will tap into every aspect of your strength and unleash the raw potential and health of your body!

Watch clubbells in action

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What clients say

Tyler has a unique, rewarding and all around amazing approach to fitness training. I am extremely pleased with the gains that I have made through training with Tyler, both in strength, fat loss, and flexibility. I recommend Tyler to all my friends when talking about fitness needs. -Stephen Bidgood